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MoveSeniors is now Mobile Friendly

We are proud to announce that MoveSeniors is now mobile friendly. Thanks to our new responsive design, when someone visits our website from a mobile device, they are automatically shown the mobile version of MoveSeniors. We hope you enjoy this enhancement! As... Read more »

How Can a Seniors Real Estate Specialist® Help You? Guest Blog: Heidi Henning, Managing Director, SRES® National Association of REALTORS® A Seniors Real Estate Specialist® (SRES®) is a Realtor who is uniquely qualified to assist seniors and their families in housing sales and purchases.  SRES® designees draw upon... Read more »

Special Service for Special Clients

By Member, Jane Carroo, Clutter Coach Company, Chicago The service I provide allows me the opportunity to meet and assist people during many transitions. Some of the most interesting people I work with happen to be seniors. They usually... Read more »

Universal Housing

The term “Universal Design” refers to home design that is used for everyone, not just the young, old, ill or disabled. It is truly “Universal”. Homes that use these increasingly popular design techniques are built to accommodate all lifestyle requirements,... Read more »

Preparing for a Home Remodel or “Age in Place” Modification

Even if you begin with just one or two changes to your living space, incorporating Universal Design concepts into your remodeling projects can make life easier and more enjoyable. Getting started is similar to any major home project. • Budgeting:... Read more »

Caring for Parents From a Distance

Long Distance Caregiving is quickly becoming a way of life for many individuals. With the aging of the “Boomer” generation and shifts in our social structure, it is estimated by 2040 more working adults will care for parents than will... Read more »

Census Supports Increased Need for Qualified Parent Care Services

The new U.S. Census report supports the trends we regularly discuss in our network.  New information indicates a larger 65+ population than previously projected, ie. more than double the current  segment. Between 2010 and 2050, the United States is projected... Read more »

Planning Ahead for Aging Parents

Today a friend called for information on Home Care. His father just suffered a heart attack and he was concerned mom would not be able to support dad when he was released from the hospital. The family was also seeking... Read more »

Trash, Treasures, and a Little Amnesty For All

Next week our little town celebrates “Amnesty Day”.  This isn’t really a holiday and it is not a day you will find on any calendar. Our Amnesty Day is a local, municipal event. It is the day our local waste... Read more »

Got Junk? Now Might be the Time to Right Size Your Home

It is sometimes difficult to think of possessions we’ve held onto for decades as “junk.”  But let’s face it, some of it is. Once we get over the fact that our basement or attic is literally filled with useless, moldy,... Read more »