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Joseph G. Bonahoom

Certificates: CELA

Services Offered: Attorney, Legal, Financial or Insurance

Bonahoom & Bonahoom LLP was founded in 1995 and is located in downtown Fort Wayne, IN in the PNC Bank building. It’s founders, Joseph G and Otto M Bonahoom have a combined experience of 82 years.

At Bonahoom and Bonahoom clients enjoy the highest level of service in the area coupled with nearly 100 years of expertise and competitive pricing

Bonahoom and Bonahoom’s history begins in 1956:

On October 1, 1956, Otto Bonahoom joined attorney Frank Celarek and the Firm of Celarek & Bonahoom was formed. At That Time, Otto was newly married and had recently returned from Germany where he had spent the last two years in the army as the Korean War wound down. On October 1, 1965, the law firm of Bonahoom, Cowen, & McNellis was formed when Otto Bonahoom joined forces with Mr. Cowen and Mr. McNellis to continue on in the practice of law. On January 1, 1969 Howard Chapman was added to the law firm, and the firm of Bonahoom, Chapman, & McNellis was formed. That partnership continued until July of 1986 when Bonahoom, Chapman, McNellis, & Micheals (another partner had been taken on by that time) merged with Barrett, Barrett & McNagny and had become the law firm of Barrett and McNagny. 1986 was the year that Joe Bonahoom joined the firm of Bonahoom, Chapman, McNellis & Micheals.

In February of 1995 Joe Bonahoom withdrew as a partner from Barrett & McNagny in order to start his own Law practice. One month later on March 1, 1995 Otto Bonahoom withdrew as a partner from Barrett & McNagny and the law firm of Bonahoom & Bonahoom LLP was formed. In 1995, the firm of Bonahoom & Bonahoom consisted of Otto and Joe Bonahoom and one staff. As of August 2000, the firm of Bonahoom & Bonahoom, LLP now consists of not only Otto and Joe Bonahoom, but two full time paralegals, one part time administrative assistant and one part time clerical staff. The firm of Bonahoom & Bonahoom, LLP has grown consistently each year, and is committed to growth tempered however with its number one goal, which is to serve its clients quickly, efficiently and effectively. It is our hope that this web page will educate on Bonahoom & Bonahoom LLP, and its Attorney’s and will answer any questions that you have in respect to our Law practice.

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