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Michael O'Neill Barron

Certificates: CELA

Services Offered: Attorney, Legal, Financial or Insurance

Listening carefully and communicating clearly
In all aspects of business, accurate communication is critical. This starts with asking the right questions and making certain what’s being communicated is fully understood. Each of us has our own strengths. Yours lies in your knowledge of your business; ours is in the practice of law. It’s incumbent upon both of us to thoroughly explain to each other the implications of the issue from each of our vantage points. In doing so, clients become an ‘informed contributor’ in crafting a strategy.

Proactive rather than reactive
Business partners alert each other to potential risks and problems and help them devise straightforward, economical ways to avoid them. The Enterprise Law Group attorneys help guide your company through its various stages of development. Our objective is to help you avoid problems.

Partners help each other understand risk / reward / cost relationships. They look for reasonable, cost-effective solutions, not the “best” solution. They’re deal makers who accept risk as an inevitable part of doing business. They’re not so blinded by “principle” as to ignore economic realities.

Knowledgeable about your business and industry
We know that asking the right questions is critical to understanding your business and the key drivers of its success. By considering all the dynamics of your business before implementation of any new policy, procedure or process, we help you avoid wasted time, energy and financial resources.

These attributes drive your success… Aren’t they what you’re seeking from your attorney?

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