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Pamela Smith

Certificates: SMC

Services Offered: Estate Sale/Appraisal, Estate Sale/Appraisal, Mover/Van Lines, Organizing/Downsizing, Organizing/Downsizing, Other Services, Packing/Move Management

Move On…

  RosieMoves is a different kind of     ‘moving company’.

  • Changing how or where you live involves more than just loading your things on and off a truck. We do that, and  much more.
  • We help people move and move on with their lives.
  • We work with people of all ages, with particular experience in downsizing and Senior moves
  • We can help you through the process of moving in to a new location, or on to a new lifestyle.
  • Having professional and experienced help before, during, and after a move saves time and reduces stress.

Talk to us!  We’ll help you Move On…

Get Real:

 Sometimes a room is designed more for an Imaginary life than a Real one.

  • In “Real” life, you may have clutter, stress, cramped spaces,and on-the-run meals. 
  • But in your “Imaginary” life, your home looks like a magazine shoot, your bedroom is an oasis of calm, and you eat perfect dinners at the table each night.
  • It isn’t always important what a room was originally intended for–your living space should work for your real life, right now, not an imaginary one or the one you ‘used to have’.  Does it?
  • Figuring out how you really live in a space can open up new ideas for its use.

Call  us. We can help you Get Real.

                Create a Meaningful Home.

Order Up!

Often all a space really needs is decluttering and organizing.

  • Many people need help coming up with a plan that fits their lifestyle, and getting started.
  • An organizing consultation can determine where your problem areas are and how you can resolve them, whether your issue is junk mail and paper, closets, or general disorder.
  • Is clutter taking over your space? Does the stress of dealing with it have you at a standstill? (Do you miss seeing your dining table?)
  • A simple organizing plan can help you find your way through the clutter confusion.

Tell us when you’re ready to Order Up!

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