Make Your Home Accessible Now

Downsizing to a retirement community isn’t for everyone. But if your home is not meeting your needs, then you need to make a change sooner rather than later.

On, you can find an extensive list of certified experts who can help you transform your home into an accessible paradise. Our experts can help you make the following changes:

Minimum Accessibility

  • Accessible entrance (low threshold for wheelchair, walker and so forth)
  • First floor bedroom, bath, kitchen, entertainment area
  • 36″ continuous clear width
  • 32″ at point (doorways)

Basic Home Modification

  • Install handrails on both sides of all steps (inside and outside)
  • Remove small area rugs that often cause tripping
  • Secure all carpets or large rugs with double-sided tape
  • Install easy to grasp shaped handles for all drawers and cabinet doors
  • Use brighter bulbs in all settings (not over wattage allowed)
  • Install night lights in all areas of night activity
  • Add reflective, non-slip tape on all non-carpeted stairs
  • Install lever handles for all doors
  • Place a bench near entrances for setting down purchases and resting
  • Install closet lights, as well as adjustable rods and shelves
  • Install rocker light switches

Ready to make your house accessible? Contact our experts today!